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Why PC Guardian key locks?

There are several features and benefits that make PC Guardian lock better than the competition.

Ease of use:

One of the most popular features in the PC Guardian key lock line is the push button lock. It doesn’t sound like much, however it’s a big time saver. When you are in a rush to start your day, you get to your office and take out your laptop. You plug in the network, power, maybe keyboard and mouse, you take a look at the lock and think “I’m not going any where today, and I don’t NEED the lock to make the computer work, so I'll lock it if I go any where”

The problem is you will eventually get called into a meeting, run to the bathroom etc.. with no time to lock your laptop on the way out.

The main reason it takes longer to attach a lock is that you need to take out your keys, insert the key in the lock, un-lock the lock, place the lock into the laptop, the twist and remove the key.

The PC Guardian lock has a push button lock. You don’t need the keys to lock the computer. This eliminates 80% of the time required lock the laptop. Not only is this a time saver, but the users are much more likely to use it as its much faster and it’s actually kind of fun.


There are many options and flavors of the PC Guardian key locks.

Keyed differently:

This indicates that there is one key for one user and that’s it. Make sure to make a note of the key number as replacement keys can be ordered.

Keyed alike:

This is very popular for labs with desktops or laptops. Because of the push button technology, installing these locks take less then half the time of the competition. This can add up to many expensive hours of technicians time during a large roll out of computers.

Master keyed:

This is by far the most popular version of the PC Guardian lock. Every staff member gets their own lock, and their own key. If by chance they lose the key, or forget the key at home the IT manager or security manager will have a master key that will unlock any staff member’s lock.

Other flavors:

The PC Guardian lock is available with the following options and each one can be ordered in the master keyed, keyed alike or keyed different version.

Double ended:

This is the same lock head and cable, however there is a lock at both ends of the cable. This is popular for computer labs and call centres. You lock one end to the back of the PC on the floor. Then pass the cable through the wire hole or grommet hole on the desk and lock the other end of the cable to the back of the LCD monitor. This makes for a very clean setup.

Expansion system:

This version of the PC Guardian lock comes with a regular 6 foot cable and I little 3 inch brother. This is ideal if you travel with a laptop and a projector. You can loop the 6 foot PC Guardian cable lock around a table leg the pas it through the little brother and lock it to your laptop, then you take the little brother and lock it to your projector.

Extra strong:

All of these options have another add on. They are available in an ULTRA version. This indicates that the cable is much thicker and harder to cut. However, this option makes the lock much heavier, about twice the weight. You may not want this is you are carrying your laptop all the time.

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Don't forget, if have any questions about PC Guardian computer locks call 1-888-410-9410 and speak with Mark at ext. 23

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